Jaleco Mega System 32

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Jaleco Mega System 32 (Also known as Mega System 32, Jaleco Motherboard Mega System 32 (ジャレコ マザーボ�Eド�EメガシスチE��32) and also Jaleco Concept Board Mega System 32 (ジャレコ コンセプトボ�Eド�EメガシスチE��32)) is a 32-bit Arcade System manufactured by Jaleco. It is successor to the earlier Jaleco Mega System 1.

Technical Specifications

Main CPU: NEC V70 @ 20 MHz

Sound CPU: Zilog Z80 @ 4 MHz

Sound Chip: Yamaha YMF271-F @ 16.9344 MHz

Games Released

Release Date Game Name Developer Publisher
Japan 1993 Super Strong Warriors (スーパ�Eストロングウォリアーズ) Jaleco Jaleco
Japan 1994-02 Best Bout Boxing (ベストバウト�Eクシング) Jaleco Jaleco
Japan 1994-02 F-1 Super Battle (F-1スーパ�Eバトル) Jaleco Jaleco
Japan 1994-02 Hayaoshi Quiz Grand Champion Taikai (早押しクイズグランドチャンピオン大企E Jaleco Jaleco
Japan 1994-11 Hayaoshi Quiz Nettou Namahousou (早押しクイズ熱闘生放送E Jaleco Jaleco
Japan 1994-12 Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai II (アイドル雀士スーチ�EパイII) Jaleco Jaleco
Japan 1995-03 P-47 Aces NMK Jaleco
Japan 1995-07 Mahjong Angel Kiss (麻雀エンジェルキチE��) Jaleco Jaleco
Japan 1995-09 United States of America Desert War / Japan Wangan Sensou (湾岸戦亁E NMK Jaleco
Japan 1995-11 United States of America The Game Paradise: Master of Shooting! / Japan Game Tengoku: The Game Paradise! (ゲーム天国 -THE GAME PARADISE!-) Jaleco Jaleco
Japan 1995-12 Tetris Plus (チE��リスプラス) Bullet-Proof Software Jaleco
Japan 1996-03 Ryuusei Janshi Kirara Star (流星雀士キララ☁E��ター) Jaleco Jaleco
Japan 1996 World PK Soccer V2 (ワールドPKサチE��ーV2) Jaleco Jaleco
Japan 1996 Second Earth Gratia (セカンドアース グラチE��ア) Jaleco Jaleco
Japan 1997-03 VS Janshi Brand-new Stars (VS雀士ブランニュースターズ) Jaleco Jaleco
Japan 1997-09 Tetris Plus 2 (チE��リスプラス2) The Tetris Company Jaleco