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ROMIcon.png My Vision
Box, instruction manual, RF Cable, console unit, RF Switch Box and AC Adapter
Manufacturer(s) Japan Nichibutsu
Release Date(s) Japan 1983
CPU(s) Zilog Z80
Sound chip(s) AY-3-8910A
Music section N / A

The My Vision (ja:マイビジョン) was an attempt of Nichibutsu to selling a video game console. The video game was launched in 1983 only in Japan, with no specific console to take down. Most of the hardware of the My Vision was the same used in MSX1, ColecoVision and even the SG-1000/SC-3000. The console have a built-in keyboard, similar to the Othello Multivision one, in order to play the games. Very little information is known about this console, due to be his short disappear after the Nintendo Famicom's launch.


All of the My Vision games is table-type related:

  • Gobang Renju
  • Hanafuda¹
  • Mahjong
  • Master Mind
  • Reversi (otherwise known as Othello)
  • Tsumeshougi¹

The ¹ means that this game was released by Logitech yes, it did have third-party releases.


The music and sounds of My Vision is done by the AY8910 sound chip.

VGM Scene

You can log My Vision VGMs only in MESS.