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ROMIcon.png Sega Pico
Japanese Pico with a cartridge inserted, and his "storybook" opened.
Manufacturer(s) Worldwide release Sega (Japan 1993 ~ 1998)

Japan Sega Toys (1999 ~ 2005)

South Korea Samsung

Brazil Tec Toy

Release Date(s) Japan 1993-06-26

United States of America / Europe 1994

Flag of the United Kingdom.svg 1995-04

South Korea / Brazil 199?

CPU(s) Motorola 68000
Sound chip(s) SEGAVDP PSG, NEC UPD7759
Music section Pico

Sega Pico The Sega Pico (known is Japan as Kids Computer Pico and later as Kids Communication Pico, ja:キチE��コンピュータ・ピコ / キチE��コミュニケーション・ピコ) MESS System Driver pico is a Sega Mega Drive with more or less inputs and ICs, inside on a laptop case, for kids.


The sound of Pico is done by an PSG chip, inside of the Pico's VDP, which is a SN76489. Unlike most of MD games, the sound is not controlled by a Z80, but by the 68000 itself. So, with the omitting of the Z80, most (if not ALL) Pico games uses the SMPS-68k as their sound driver. Optionally, a PCM chip called UPD7759 (used in Sega System 16B), is used for playing PCM drums and/or samples.

VGM Scene

You can log Pico VGMs in two emulators: MESS and Kega Fusion. MESS can log PCM data from the Pico, but Kega Fusion not.