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Chat box

Connects to the IRC channel

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Chat box

Post by vampirefrog »

Hi guys! We now have a chat box. You might have noticed it already. It's in the lower right hand side of each page. If you want to make it smaller, click on the title bar.

It connects to the IRC channel via an IRC bot (nickname is 'vgmbot'), so we can communicate either way.

I wrote it with node.js from scratch pretty much. I use it on my other forum as well.


Post by JFD62780 »

...Can that be made an option, for those with mIRC and other dedicated clients? I mean, what if one surfs the site while on IRC and wants to retain one's nicks?

EDIT: *tries chat window for himself and things suddenly make sense* . . . Okay. I guess the answer will become clear to me once I log on via client... If the theory I have in mind's true, then disregard my gripes! XD
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Until next post...

Post by vampirefrog »

The chat box does not log you into IRC - it has a bot which relays your messages
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