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Updated the site vgmplay to 0.40.7

The one that generates the mp3s on the pack pages

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Updated the site vgmplay to 0.40.7

Post by vampirefrog »

I've updated the vgmplay behind the packs player to the latest.

I'm actually using vgm2pcm to generate the PCM stream, which is then piped to lame -r.

I've also removed all the old mp3's from the C352 packs, so if you listen to any C352 pack (such as Ridge Racer), they should sound better, because they're played using the new C352 core by ctr.

I've also removed mp3s from packs with ES5503, X1-010 and SAA1099. They will all be regenerated when playing these packs, you should notice nothing except possible slight slowdowns.