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IBM PC/AT (YM3812)

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Post by ValleyBell »

ComposerDan Froelich
Sound ChipsAdLib/OPL2 (YM3812)
Playing time38:53
Pack authorNewRisingSun
Pack version2.00
Last Update2017-07-10

Pack author's comment
Here's a CMF set (played as-is ingame.)

Note: Loop not retained due to abrupt playback. If you want to seamlessly loop these songs as with ingame, use a playlist to do so.

Merry Christmas everyone! :)
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Post by SaxxonPike »

"Nemo" and "Doom" seem to have the same song content. I think "Nemo" is the one that is wrong (it's one of my favorite tunes from the soundtrack!)

Post by NewRisingSun2 »

This pack was captured from the later version of the game (.EXE files dated 1994) that plays the drum notes at the wrong pitch. "Wrong" as in ignoring the pitch defined in the .CMF files, and ignoring all velocity information. This is most noticeable at the beginning of the song named "Thinking" (check out attached .VGM from the earlier version of the game, .EXE files dated 1992), but affects all other songs as well. The pack is also missing SONG_11.KB1, which according to my notes is played in episode 1, levels 10-12; the song "Nemo", which has this filename in its notes, does not represent that file.
Thinking (original version).vgm
(38.56 KiB) Downloaded 297 times
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