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Dark Seed

IBM PC/AT (YM3812)

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Dark Seed

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TitleDark Seed
ComposerGregory Alper
Sound ChipsAdLib / OPL2 (YM3812)
Playing time26:05
Pack authorkyusawamura
Pack version1.02
Last Update2017-08-13

Pack author's comment
Doing a little comparison with what the Amiga soundtrack sounded like, and the MIDI music files included in the game's folder, it seems strangely enough that the DOS sound driver apparently forced all the music to play at a locked speed, and the Amiga soundtrack was more true to the tempo settings in the MIDIs.
Also, as you will probably notice in the Town track, the playback was a bit buggy and applying a cumulative delay on some instrument tracks. Actually, in this one, the track that got delayed seemed to be 'trying' to readjust itself to the song, but it just kept getting messier. If you play the game you'll know what I mean.
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