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Sound Blaster Series Demo Songs

IBM PC/XT/AT (YM3812, 2xYM3812, YMF262)

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Sound Blaster Series Demo Songs

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TitleSound Blaster Series Demo Songs
ComposerCreative Music Group,
Voyetra Technologies,
Henri Chalifour, Gerard Jones,
Raymond Skilling et al.
Sound ChipsSound Blaster (2xSAA1099),
Sound Blaster Pro 1 (2xYM3812),
Sound Blaster Pro 2 (YMF262)
Playing time19:36
Pack authorNewRisingSun
Pack version1.00
Last Update2017-10-23

Pack author's comment
Creative Labs became lazy after they released their "Killer Card", so it's not another 100-song pack, but just a pitiful selection of mostly .CMF and .MID files, two of which were even stolen from the AdLib Song Albums.