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LHX Attack Chopper

IBM PC/AT (YM3812)

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LHX Attack Chopper

Post by ValleyBell »

TitleLHX Attack Chopper
ComposerMichael Sanders, George Alistair Sanger,
David Warhol
Sound ChipsAdLib/OPL2 (YM3812)
Playing time4:46
Pack authorcuba200611
Pack version1.00
Last Update2018-10-09

Pack author's comment
First VGM pack I made.
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Post by ctr »

congratulations! Maybe not a big pack but it's something.

Just a few things to keep in mind:
  • even if there is only one song, we have a playlist (.m3u) with all the songs.
  • Make sure there are no tabs in the description txt, only spaces. This is to make sure the description looks the same in all editors.
  • The max width is 47 characters, for some reason the song list has more than that. vgm_stat should generate song listings that fit within this limit.

Post by cuba200611 »

Ok, I revised it following your tips. Link is still the same.
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