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Hapi-San's Thread of VGM Stuff

Mostly arranges and remixes

Original compositions, as well as ports and remixes of existing songs, can be posted in this forum, as long as they are in VGM format of course.

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Hapi-San's Thread of VGM Stuff

Post by Hapi-San »

Thought I'd show off a few things. :U I'll start with the things that are newest, and work to the oldest, and then end with a question as I am curious as to how to do something with the VGM format. Most tend to be remixes or arrangements rather than original.. Firstly, we have a Mega Drive mix of a Sonic Colours song, Tropical Resort Act 2. Fun to work out, and does show the portamentos off (working on both the YM2612 on the chords and the lead on the SN76496). I have another Sonic Colours VGM, but it's further down as it's to do with those questions I have to ask.

Next we have a set of Act 2 'remixes' for Sonic 2 (think Sonic 3's act 2 tracks but for the Sonic 2 zones), done in tandem with someone else for another's ROM hack. He did the actual remixing mainly, whereas I neatened up the loose ends and actually got it working under the limitations and into the actual game itself. Not all are here, as not all are finished yet, but I'll add them as they arrive. (Still a WIP, sorting out the voices)

Next we have two tracks I've used in my own ROM hack, again a Sonic one, but this time completely new. Again, both not specifically made by me but converted over to work on the Mega Drive. Music specifically for "Final Zone". Music for a boss attack/rush mode. Used in a ROM hack already released by me, so if you follow them from Sonic Retro you may have heard it already. :P

Another two tracks for a ROM hack, this time for a Sonic 2 Master System hack called Sonic 2 LD, made to put the original Mega Drive levels into 8-bit. I've been working on the music for it during its development, which has kinda stopped for now.

Now for some older and random remixes/arrangements, just because they are ones I'm actually fond of and don't want to cut my ears off listening to(!) Crystal Egg Zone from Sonic 2 Master System/Game Gear in a Mega Drive-esque arrangement. Within Sonic Retro's vgm thread everyone was having a go at arranging this song, and this was my version. Again, another one that everyone was doing in the Sonic Retro vgm thread. Why -1 in the filename? I thought it sounded better with the pitch -1, so I uploaded that instead of the regular. "Wood Zone" music, originally from the ancient Sonic 2 Gold Edition and made by DMAshura for "Frigid Forest", this was an arrangement by me. I keep meaning to do a new and better one, as I did a proper remix of it a while back. This and the next were more of a "what if?" thing, what if Sim City had been on the Mega Drive instead of the SNES? This is Dr Wright's theme from that game.. .. and this is the Village music. Both came out rather nicely in my opinion. Robotnik's theme, from the old Saturday Morning cartoon (the somewhat-dark one, not the cartoony pingas-meme overkill one). I always liked this tune. Many moons ago, a guy called Stealth was working on a Sonic fan game in his own engine called Sonic Mettrix. He released the music he had planned for it, and I decided to try and remake the boss theme under Mega Drive Sonic game specifications. This was the result. Zero's Death theme from Megaman X5, my favourite of the Megaman X series of games. I always loved this track, so I decided to have a go at it. Waveman from Megaman 5. Done by the request of someone, but I forget who. Not too happy with it, but eh. The Printing Error music from the Pokémon games, arranged for 16-bit. Barely heard and originally monophonic, I always loved this tune too. Just a bit of fun, Prism Plains from Kirby Squeak Squad on the DS. Music from a game I found ages ago and can never remember the name of. Arranged by me under SMPS. I think it was an RPG, from the way it sounds. Another one from the same game.

Now, for the question. I have a few other VGMs done, again in SMPS, but instead of being limited to the Mega Drive's one DAC channel, I used the Sega CD's PCM channels, as this allowed for 6 FM channels and more than one PCM sample channel if I needed it. While Kega Fusion can record VGMs for the Mega Drive-side of things, I don't know if there was ever a version released that allowed logging of the Sega CD PCM. Is there any way of getting the PCM track(s) in without having to play around in a hex editor? If not, how would I go about adding them in a hex editor too? :U

Here are two of the VGMs without the PCM channels in them, as I haven't a clue how to add them, along with an MP3 of how they should sound with the additional PCM too, until I work out how to add it in myself. The MP3s will link to an online player to save download times, as they aren't technically allowed here(!)

Planet Wisp from Sonic Colours, another test of portamentos but as they're only on the bass line it's harder to hear.

Splash Woman from Megaman 9. A very fun one to make (and show off!) While I did do one with one DAC channel and 5 FM, it reduces the chords too much and sounds horrible.

Yeah, that's all for now. c_c
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Post by ValleyBell »

That's a lot of nice music you have. (I still haven't listened to them all.)
And wow - Project Mettrix Boss Theme. I loved the original and this is a nice rendition.

About SegaCD PCM: Use my VGM mod of Gens/GS. That's what I used to rip the Sonic CD past tunes.
There's a mod based on the last offical release and one based on the most recent SVN source.
Note: The resulting files may be quite large. (> 10 MB) In this case you can use optvgmrf to optimize them.

btw: Who made the track for "Final Zone"? I know it from an Sonic Megamix v2 (sound test 7B) and always wondered if it was an original composition or comes from another game.

EDIT: pkmn_printError.vgz doesn't work
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Re: Hapi-San's Thread of VGM Stuff

Post by Sik »

Hapi-San wrote: The Printing Error music from the Pokémon games, arranged for 16-bit. Barely heard and originally monophonic, I always loved this tune too.
404 file not found.
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Post by Tom »

You know, when you registered I knew I was going to give you the "Musician" star soon, but this is even sooner than I expected :P

I can't even list my favourites, probably the Act 2s, but everything here is just so good.
Also known as nineko.
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Post by DalekSam »

These are all fucking amazing, for lack of better words to say.

ValleyBell: I remember it (finalZone.vgz) as Radix Run by DMAshura, but I may be wrong about that.
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Post by tails_ »

Hapi-san wrote: Music from a game I found ages ago and can never remember the name of. Arranged by me under SMPS. I think it was an RPG, from the way it sounds. Another one from the same game.
Hurr this sound so familiar.
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