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Michael Jackson - Thriller (Various Mixes) (YM2612)

Original compositions, as well as ports and remixes of existing songs, can be posted in this forum, as long as they are in VGM format of course.

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Michael Jackson - Thriller (Various Mixes) (YM2612)

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The track in Moonwalker that never was...
After a previous attempt at making this track some time ago, I felt it was time to give it another go.

Made in VGM Maker, I've used instruments from the Thriller dance attack in Moonwalker that can only
be found in the REV00 version, but have also tried to be quite loyal to the real MJ track.
The drums are the actual drum samples used in the game.
I was going to include the Vincent Price rap, but it didn't sound that good,
considering you can only play one sound sample at a time on the Mega Drive!

I have included for your listening pleasure, 3 mixes of the song.
Firstly is the original song mix, this has the verses and choruses just like the real song.
Secondly, the music video mix. This follows the arrangement featured in the famous music video.
Finally, for anyone who ever fancies hacking Moonwalker (nudge, nudge, wink, wink - anyone?) I've included a short,
looping version of the song, which could be used as level music.

If some sort of a YM2151 & OKIM6295 tracker existed, I'd be looking to make an "arcade" version of this,
which would sound a lot richer.

Enjoy! :D
More tunes to come.
Thriller (Level Mix).vgz
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Thriller (Music Video Mix).vgz
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Thriller (Song Mix).vgz
(146.81 KiB) Downloaded 456 times