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PostPosted: 2015-12-10, 19:32:14 
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Hello. I haven't posted this here because I thought this was meant expressly for covers and not original compositions, but seeing it's also intended for that, here goes a little bunch of VGMs I've written in Defle.

• Struggle
An optimised version of my very first DefleMask song back in February 2014 when I didn't even know the VGM format was a thing. This one has sampled drums (European Club Soccer kick drum, Golden Axe II snare and Sonic 2 toms) and the PSG channels sound a bit louder.

• Altered Beast: Rise from your Grave (cover)
I'm making some covers of certain games (and replicas too, in a way) in hopes to eventually work on remakes of them. I added PCM drums (kick drum from European Club Soccer, snare from Golden Axe II in higher pitch, and toms from Mortal Kombat 1, I think it was) and copied the fill-ins in the arcade version of the soundtrack and added a few variations.
The timpani sound is faulty because of a weird detuning parameter I can't replicate but I haven't tried ripping it in SMPS format, nor do I know if Defle supports it.

• Fatal Relations: Title (cover)
Yes, I went there...
And now that Defle supports SegaPCM I was enthusiastic about doing a multi sample version of the whole soundtrack using better drums and sampled orchestra hits among other things, but the 31250 Hz sample rate limit and the resampling slightly poorer than RF5C68 or YM2612's DAC makes it harder to avoid hissing samples. D:

• Fatal Relations: Strange House (cover)
The DMF file got corrupted. ;_;

Save for the Altered Beast cover, the instrument presets are, some of them of my own and some others from a FM Drive preset pack. I would like feedback about them because I'm still learning to use FM synthesis in general. >.<

Hope you enjoy! :mrgreen:

File comment: Fatal Relations: Strange House (cover)
24 - Strange House.vgz [2.99 KiB]
Downloaded 302 times
File comment: Fatal Relations: Title (cover)
07 - Fatal Relations (title).vgz [27.85 KiB]
Downloaded 297 times
File comment: Struggle (has made up Japanese tags because I felt pretentious that day >.<)
Struggle.vgz [18.61 KiB]
Downloaded 291 times
File comment: Altered Beast: Rise from your Grave (cover)
AB-01RFG_(vgmt).vgm [16.83 KiB]
Downloaded 328 times
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PostPosted: 2015-12-10, 21:51:56 

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Your PCM edit of Altered Beast is really nice, the PC Engine version would need something like this too :)

Your cover of Kindan no Ketsuzoku (Fatal Relations) is ok but I much prefer the YM2203 original, mostly because your version lacks the strong vibrato that makes this soundtrack so eerie. It would be interesting to compare your work with the FM-Towns port (also using the YM2612), but I don't have access to that one.

Thanks for sharing!


VGM packs by Kaminari

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PostPosted: 2015-12-10, 23:17:03 
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I'm glad you liked the Altered Beast cover.

As for Fatal Relations, I came across the realisation that an OPN2 + Sega PSG rendition was useless after I made the covers. I was vaguely aware that there was an FM Towns version but only recently I found out what the FM Towns and the PC-98 were about in terms of sound hardware and that they're superior to the Mega Drive in that regard... I actually used the PC (Win95) version's MIDIs as a reference. Of course anything would sound better than those, but still.

I might not make that soundtrack after all since although the OPM is one of the best in synthesis, the SegaPCM is a bit frustrating to work with regarding resampling and I don't even know what the FM Towns and PC-98 versions sound like anyways, and from what you say I feel like it would be like trying to bake a lemon pie while only knowing how to boil packaged pasta.

Thank you for the feedback. Hopefully the next stuff I submit to this topic will be more amusing! ^^;

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