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A Few SMS Songs

Original compositions, as well as ports and remixes of existing songs, can be posted in this forum, as long as they are in VGM format of course.

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A Few SMS Songs

Post by Jacko »

Hi All,

Presenting a few songs i've done for SMS:

Ice Cap Zone: ... 20Zone.vgz

Sesame Street: ... Street.vgz

Sunny Days (original composition): ... 20Days.vgz

Post by Tiido »

I'm getting 404's...
Mida sa loed ? Nagunii aru ei saa :P
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Post by Tom »

Weird, I seem to remember that the links used to work fine when he posted them (I'm not 100% sure, but I never assign the "Musician" star without listening to at least one song), maybe he later renamed or removed the files.
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