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Hi, my name is Ysbrand and I'm one of them old folks.

MS-DOS gamer since late 1927, when I purchased a Sound Blaster 1.5 for a fart and three marbles. (I had to pay 100 extra to get the Philips CMS "Stereo" chips, though. Great investment, that.)

I put together my favourite (or otherwise notable) FM tunes here:


Two curated collections of particularly fine FM compositions

Fellow VGM fans,

I like to share two collections I made of particularly fine FM tunes (MS-DOS, AdLib, Soundblaster, PC-88/98 and Sega Genesis/Megadrive)
My personal computer music history started with a Soundblaster 1.5 (and yes, I paid to have the two Philips CMS "Stereo" chips installed) and I've loved AdLib music ever since. Mainly for nostalgia but also for the clever frequency modulation technology used to make sound.

I found some of them right here on, either be randomly listening or through this forum, for which I thank you.
Perhaps this playlist can inspire someone to track down and rip some tunes that are missing. I have provided a download link to all individual mp3 files and have included composer, year and platform in the ID3 tag of all of them (where known).



Collection 1: (Downbeat)
135 minutes of the finest downbeat AdLib, Soundblaster & Sega Genesis tunes

Collection 2: (Upbeat)
I also made a smaller (43 min) compilation of my favourite up-tempo, rocking FM game beats:

(Monkey Island I & II animations courtesy of LucasArts)

Downbeat track list (with composers):

00:00 Cannon Fodder - Narcissus (Jon Hare, Richard Joseph)
04:35 Corridors of Time - AdLib Tracker II (NAB622)
07:32 Crusader of Centy - Burn Daisy (Motokazu Shinoda)
09:39 D/Generation - Title (Sean Gugler)
10:51 Dahna - Continue (T's Music)
11:36 Doofus - Level 1 (Thomas Detert)
14:20 Double Dragon 3 - Title (Martin Nyrup/The Vibrants)
17:37 Bio Menace - The City (Robert Price)
19:55 Dune (AdLib Gold) - Morning (Stéphane Picq, Rémi Herbulot)
24:52 Dune (AdLib Gold) - Sequence (Stéphane Picq, Rémi Herbulot)
28:26 Dune (AdLib Gold) - War Song (Stéphane Picq, Rémi Herbulot)
29:31 Dune (AdLib Gold) - Water (Stéphane Picq, Rémi Herbulot)
30:21 Dune (AdLib Gold) - Worm Intro (Stéphane Picq, Rémi Herbulot)
33:14 Dune (AdLib Gold) - Wormsuit (Stéphane Picq, Rémi Herbulot)
36:46 Easy AdLib 1.0 - Intro (The Brain)
38:46 Ecco the Dolphin - Ice Zone (Spencer Nilsen)
40:10 Ecco the Dolphin - Jurassic Beach (Spencer Nilsen)
41:19 Ecco the Dolphin - The Vents (Spencer Nilsen)
42:01 Final Zone - After the War (Motoi Sakuraba, Masaaki Uno)
46:27 Flashback - Sound Test 11 (Jean Baudlot, Raphaël Gesqua, Fabrice Visserot)
49:22 Genpei War - Finale (Unknown)
52:08 Genpei War - Title Theme (Unknown)
54:47 High Seas Havoc - Sea of Deep Sorrow (Emi Shimizu, Masaaki Iwasaki)
57:17 Hired Guns - Menu (Matt Furniss)
59:14 Hocus Pocus - Menu (Wallace Music & Sound)
1:02:06 Jennifer Capriati Tennis - Ending 2 (Hiroki Kamata)
1:05:20 Ken's Labyrinth - Ken's Song (Ken Silverman)
1:07:02 Laser Squad - Title (Matt Furniss)
1:10:30 Monkey Island 2 - Main Theme and Intro (Michael Land, Peter McConnell, Clint Bajakian )
1:17:22 Monster World IV - Heart of Icegrave (Jin Watanabe)
1:19:33 Psy-O (Kazunori Hasegawa, Shigeru Tomita)
1:20:47 Rusty - Intro (Masahiro Kajihara, Kenichi Arakawa, Ryu Takami)
1:23:23 Shining Force II - Elven Town (Motoi Sakuraba)
1:25:05 SimCity 2000 - Subway Song (Sue Kasper, Brian Conrad, Justin McCormick)
1:27:01 Skyroads - Road 1 (Ott Aaloe, Hasso Bruck)
1:30:34 Star Control 2 - Quasispace (Kevin Palivec) [Correction: not FM, but .MOD]
1:33:27 Supaplex - Main Theme (David Whittaker)
1:36:25 The Legend of Sword and Fairy - Paladin 6 (Lin Kunxin)
1:37:14 The Legend of Sword and Fairy - Paladin 7 (Lin Kunxin)
1:38:00 The Pirates of Dark Water - Track 2 (Rick Fox)
1:41:21 The Secret of Monkey Island - Main Theme (Michael Land, Patrick Mundy)
1:44:08 The Whale's Voyage - Lapis (Hannes Seifert)
1:46:29 The Whale's Voyage - Painful Emptiness (Hannes Seifert)
1:50:22 Thor's Hammer (Unknown)
1:52:47 Trolls - Title (Unknown)
1:56:00 Tyrian - The Final Edge (Alexander Brandon, Andres Molnar)
1:57:18 Ultima VI: The False Prophet - Can't Remove the Pain (Kenneth W. Arnold, Herman Miller, Todd Mitchell Porter, David R. Watson)
2:01:12 Valis III - Deja (Jun Hasebe, Hisao Inoue, Shingo Murakami)
2:02:07 Vinyl Goddess from Mars - Intro (Marc Gravelle)
2:04:41 Wolfenstein 3D - Wondering about my loved ones (Bobby Prince)
2:07:12 Wonder Boy in Monster World - Under the Ocean (Shinichi Sakamoto)
2:09:04 Xatax - Main Theme (Pixel Painters Corporation)
2:10:47 Xenon: Mugen no Shitai - Main Theme (Ryu Umemoto)
2:15:34 Ys III - Sentimental Twilight (Mieko Ishikawa, Masaaki Kawai)

Upbeat Track list (with composers):

00:00 Batman - Stage 4 (Naoki Kodaka)
01:45 Battletoads And Double Dragon - Inside the Ship (David Wise)
04:58 Battletoads And Double Dragon - Stage 7: Armageddon II The Rematch (David Wise)
06:04 Crystal2 - Reality AdLib Tracker (Chris Korte / Xography)
08:24 Cyborg Justice - Boss (András Magyari)
10:24 Demon Blue - Theme (Adam Gilmore)
13:00 KGB - Burokrat (Stéphane Picq, Rémi Herbulot)
17:37 MegaRace - NewSan (Stéphane Picq, Rémi Herbulot)
20:36 Rusty (PC-9801) - Dead End - (Masahiro Kajihara, Kenichi Arakawa, Ryu Takami)
26:28 Rusty (PC-9801) - Queen in The Dark Night (Masahiro Kajihara, Kenichi Arakawa, Ryu Takami)
26:22 Stone Age - Menu (Thomas Detert, Mario Knezovic)
29:48 Streets of Rage 2 - The Baseball Arena (Yuzo Koshiro)
32:15 Tyrian - Asteroid Dance Part 1 (Alexander Brandon, Andres Molnar)
36:07 Tyrian - Asteroid Dance Part 2 (Alexander Brandon, Andres Molnar)
39:40 Vectorman - Ocean (Jon Holland)
41:42 XCOM - Won The Game (John Broomhall)

Finally, below are a few full MS-DOS/AdLib/Soundblaster soundtracks that, according to some, are extra note-worthy and can be enjoyed in their entirety:

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (Michael Land, Peter McConnell, Clint Bajakian)
MS-DOS using YM3812 (OPL2) + iMuse

The Secret of Monkey Island (Barney Jones, Michael Land, Patrick Mundy, Andy Newell)

Dune (Stéphane Picq, Rémi Herbulot)
AdLib Gold using YMF262 (OPL3) + HERAD AdLib music format

Dune II (Stéphane Picq, Rémi Herbulot)

Rusty (Masahiro Kajihara, Kenichi Arakawa, Ryu Takami)
NEC PC-9801 using YM2608 (OPNA)

Tyrian 2000 (Alexander Brandon, Andres Molnar)
MS-DOS using YM3812/YMF262 (OPL2/3) + LDS (LOUDNESS Sound System)

Doom 1 (Bobby Prince)

Doom 2 (Bobby Prince)

Amberstar (Jochen Hippel)

VB edit: fixed links

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