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Post by Shywolf »

Hi, I'm Shywolf. I've always been interested in the music and sound hardware of video games, and that eventually made me ponder what it'd be like to port music to different sound hardware, or write original things altogether. I started with, continue to use, and mostly use the FC/NES via FamiTracker for this, but, starting with VGM Music Maker 1.1 about three years ago, I sometimes use the SMS, GG, and SMD as well. I hope to share some of my .vgm/.vgz stuff in due time.
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Post by kode54 »

Hi, I'm kode54, or kuroshi, depending on where you find me. I hail from Southern California, the land where it's fricking Summer 365 days a year, and some people are insane enough to like that, but I'm not one of them.

I started learning computer programming back in the mid 1990s, in my teens, when I was plonking away on an Apple II+, and then eventually co-opted my dad's Apple IIgs. I eventually learned much of the ins and outs of the IIgs system tool kit, with only a tool list to go by, and the system monitor / assembler / disassembler, which assisted in finding how to call various tools, without me having the luck of buying the actual manual for that stuff. I eventually wrote a lot of interfaces to the Basic interpreter for that stuff. At one point, I even wrote a pokable program, written from data statements in a Basic program, that allowed for the following syntax to be called at any time, even from a running program:

& <line number> "line of code to interpret and overwrite the given line number"

And it would use the program editor, fix up the bytecode, and continue execution. No mere fixed size program only thing, but actual code relocation and self modification. Naturally, I never did account for self modifying the current line of code, only other lines of code. The code to this whole thing is now lost to the sands of time.

I eventually moved on to my first PC around 1994, in 7th grade, where I learned the idea from fellow students how to make LOGO's turtle draw a naked woman and then animate in and out of her butt repeatedly.

I still programmed Basic and such at the time, but eventually, I got ahold of my first copy of Quake, and read about how it was programmed. So I had to schlep down to my Internet source, a Kinko's shop that I paid $0.20 per minute to use their Internet equipped computers at, to download DJGPP onto a set of recycled AOL floppies.

And thus began my journey into learning C and eventually C++. I'm mostly self taught, learning from reading other people's code, and very rarely from reading through programming manuals.

I also contributed to a number of minor projects over the years, such as ZSNES, Snes9x, and more recently, Higan/bsnes. And the whole foobar2000 audio player got me started on learning several different evolutions of C++ interfaces. I also within the last few years forked the Cog audio player for Mac OS X, and also produced a couple of plugins for DeaDBeeF, and built them into a bundle for OS X.

My avatar also hints at something, that probably a few people may know about, including RichterEX2, who periodically bugs me about things, even though I've been Hardly Working for nearly a year now. Such is life.
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Post by blitzlunar »

You are an asset to the game audio community, kode54!
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Post by eduhunter »

Hello!! I have many usernames on the internet, but in vgm stuff you find me as 'eduhunter' or 'e-tracker'. I love listening to all kinds of vgm and after some time i was searching for the 'source' files of the awesome audio we find on the net. Eventually i find this amazing site. Thank you for the amazing work so far and keep it up!!
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Post by drdevil »

I should've done this months ago lol, but I'll join in now.

I'm Dr Devil. I'm 14, yet I have a strong love for video game music (particularly Sega music) and its composers. I make music myself, and I hope to become a video game composer. Right now, I create tunes on Famitracker and a cracked version of Cubase 5. Someday, I'll submit my own vgm tracks to the homebrew section and I also plan to correct song credits, identify composers, etc. (kinda like what dissident93 does) Outside of music, I write shitty stories on Wikia, help out on Wikipedia and I occasionally take photos of places in Scotland.
I'm HarmoDevil. Formerly Dr Devil, but I still use the drdevil username here.

Check out my Soundcloud.

I might get back to VGM ripping someday.

Post by nitrofurano »

i'm just another fan of chiptunes, specially these classic ones that this website hosts, which are surely an excellent resource of materials to be studied! studying them really feels like studying baroque and medieval music in a conservatoire! :) (btw, i'm a huge fan of Hisayoshi Ogura ( worth seeing ) , Miki Higashino ( worth reading ) , Tamayo Kawamoto, Ayako Mori, Cesar “Gominolas” Astudillo (i wonder why nothing from him is hosted here yet), etc. )

i'm a graphic designer, with some curiousity about music composing, electronic music, sound processors, and tried to develop some experimental stuff (games included) for the retro scene (mostly using a cross-compiler, ZXBasic-Compiler - i guess that is easy to find out what i have done, since i submitted stuff for smspower, msxdev and csscgc in these last years)

since i never effectively composed anything for the retro-hardware materials i were developed, i guess that analyzing the materials hosted here might help me to get the clues about scales, harmonies, effects and etc., used decades ago, and i think we often find brilliant solutions then than from what we find from chiptunes made now, and i wanted to get back that idea, and trying to be the most original as possible as well (and perhaps try to arrive at results never reached from anyone else, mostly from the experimental viewpoint, not necessarily meaning excellence seeking )

well, i think that’s all
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Post by sc00pj0hn »

I'm sc00pj0hn. A quite hyped but sorta repulsive guy who is really curious to learn drawing (and manga, obvs).
To the origins of my passion of listening video game music is back when i was a kid, i had a PlayStation 2 with a good ol' copy of Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2 (which now both of these are sold because i've completed halfly of the collection + we weren't interested playing it anymore). When that collection had a sound test section for after i beaten each arcade game, i felt dancing at these (lol) and i've pretty much enjoyed how great many of Capcom's arcade soundtracks can be. :wink:
Much later, flowing the time to almost my current age, i got interested into using FamiTracker which got me in use with a tracker, i covered many video game music as possible, with a good start with covering a obscure Data East RPG called Metal Max, then later on i learned using VGMPlay to find the notes for covering Arcade system (and other systems) games!
In that, i'm also a fanatic of retro games and i've always wished about bizarre ideas of making NES-styled games in the game engines i'm capable, but none of them ever happened because they were all ambitious stuff for me, therefore i'm even lazy to do big stuff like these! :lol:
Then i'm here, in, the lovely community that got me into listening arcade music at last! I'm sure i can get along with this .vgm files stuff soon. C'ya!
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Post by Yuzu »

Name: JonKaruzu
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Genere: Musician, Art, Work

Hello Everyone!
This is my first time to join the forums.
I'm Musician, Chiptuner, Art, Chatting, Something Else.

VGMRIPnConversion Suite

Plataform: NES, SNES, SMS, GG, GEN, AMIGA....
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Post by Paul999 »

I'm PaulSebas999, i'm 15 years, my birthday is 11/24/2002, I'm a Mexican creator, artist, music.
I do make with my VGM rips, my trackers and editing sounds.
It's me! PS999
I'm really working and doing...

My HDD USB is working on the PC home, now I'm back! I can work to the rip.
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Hello there!

Post by Know Name »

I'm Know Name, and I've been registered about half a year ago but I didn't have enough time to introduce myself. So, today I'm gonna tell about myself shortly in this forum.

I'm From South Korea and I'm totally not engaged in musical,programming...etc. but I do really love chiptunes and VGMs, especially I'm a Fm-synth chips enthusiast. Also one of my hobbies is listening FM-synth VGMs & Chiptune musics. And I really want to learn composing,MIDI and FM synth someday...
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Tis Me, Lord FoxCat

Post by Lord_FoxCat »

I am Lord FoxCat, a mid-30s ex-gamer, but I do love my video game music. I'm one of those peeps who used to take a cassette tape and record video game music onto it so I could play it back when ever I wanted. From there, I used to run WinAMP v2.75 (with plugins) on and old Win98 SE machine to satisfy my chip tune cravings. Then I got my own WinXP Machine that I had for several years, and from there, I've had some Win7 machines that I still use to this day.

As far as my VGM collection goes, its bounced around over the years, but floats somewhere around 150,000 tracks. Right now I'm trying to burn the OSTs I like to CD-Rs so I can have them preserved and use in my 5-CD Stereo. I also now use FooBar2000 with the foo_speck plugin for WinAMP visualizations, as well as many other add-ons. I don't know where I'd be without FB2K!

As far as sound hardware of choice, I do love the YM2612... Others I like are the 2A03, and occasionally the N106 (or the N163, as its properly called now), and the Super NES SPU.

Game OSTs I like include Sonic, Raiden, Mario, StarFox, and others, but above all, I love prototype and beta soundtracks. (The first beta of MacBeth from StarFox 2 gets me every time!) I also like song corruptions as well, and I occasionally do remixes.

I'm also a self-taught programmer... I took C++ in High School, but haven't touched it since I graduated in 2002. In mid-2017, I wanted to put that to use, and after someone suggested trying C# to get back into things, I took on a project I call "The Rom Assistant" that can read info from various ROM headers, and what not. So far its coming along quite nicely, and nearly 20 systems are supported.

Anyway, sorry for the long and winded introduction. Hopefully you'll enjoy. :3

EDIT: Fixed the N106/N163 error, and typos, and added FB2K reference.
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Post by Oddbrother »

Hello! Nice to meet you.

Oddbrother, video game enthusiast.

I mostly grew up in rhythm games such as Dance Dance Revolution and Rock Band.

Back then, Konami used to be my favorite video game company for the music alone, starting from US television shows and Bemani series.

What I really like about video game music is how modular and convenient it used to be back then when developers used it, which is why it's nice to hear them in other places, either for the lols, or for the nostalgia and how much sense it makes being put in them.

Sadly, my mindset has been in a state of "everybody else is doing it, so I don't have to" for over a decade now. Call me a couch potato.
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Post by jjd »

Hello, this site is amazing <3 !!!
Listening to the SFA2 Soundtrack right now and it's amazing, I plan to grab some of my favorites and convert them to mp3/flac for personal enjoyment

big thanks to all the rippers and the site staff!
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Post by Dekyo-NO »

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Post by mmontag »

Hey all, I'm matt. Finally found my way here after many years listening to chiptunes.

My early influences were Descent, Gravis Ultrasound, Rachmaninoff, and Winamp.
First got involved in chip music on 8 bit collective back in the day. :dead: I've messed with composition a bit, but produced nothing of consequence.

Probably my most notable contribution to the chip music community has been the NES VST: It was made in 2009. It's a rough simulation, doesn't do advanced synthesis methods like BLIT/BLEP, and only works on Win32 — so I'd rather not draw more attention to it and hope I'll rewrite it someday. :lol:

Then I got into FM synthesis in recent years and that led to the DX7 Synth JS:
This one is written in plain JS. Pouring hours into this little project helped me justify the purchase of a Yamaha DX7-IIfd.

I've worked up the nerve to call myself a software engineer, and hope to contribute to vgmplay at some point.

Listen to VGM ♫ (libvgm/VGM 1.71)
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