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MDX Tools

Handling the MDX music format

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MDX Tools

Post by vampirefrog »

Hi guys! I've been fiddling with the MDX format for a while now, and I've started a project over at GitHub: . It comprises of a few tools aimed at dealing with MDX files and converting to other formats. It is still work in progress and there is no release yet, but I figured I'd let you know that I'm working on it.

Feel free to comment, report bugs and request features in this thread or on the github interface.

How to compile on windows: you'll need MinGW. After you've installed that, open a MinGW shell and be sure you have mingw32-libz-dev by running:

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mingw-get mingw32-libz-dev
Then cd to the folder where you've cloned mdxtools and type:

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Stay tuned to this thread for updates.

Post by vampirefrog »

Here's a video I made of the Castlevania theme playing in Reaper. It is using VOPM for FM emulation and a SoundFont for playing the drum samples. It is not perfect, but I'm getting close to sounding just like the real thing. The MIDI file was generated from DRA11.MDX and then imported into Reaper. I will make a tutorial with a few easy steps to get from MDX to Reaper, and maybe other DAWs if requested.

Post by vampirefrog »

And here is Simon Belmont's theme
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How to i use this?

Post by trevor0402 »

How to i compile the CPP files? it doesn't work for me. :(

EDIT: you can send me the exe files in an attachment if you want.
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Post by vampirefrog »

I have added instructions on how to compile (see first post).
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Post by qq1975b »


I have downloaded MDX-Tools, installed MINGW32, run MSYS.BAT and writen "make" on the MDX-Tools folder.
It shows me the following message:

g++ -MMD -c MDX.cpp -o MDX.o -ggdb -Wall
make: g´++: Command not found
make: *** [MDX.o] Error 127

mingw32-libz-dev is installed (selected and installed on the MINGW installer)

I would be interested in converting, if it is possible, Pacmania's X68000 music to Midi to be able to read it on a new version for the Atari Falcoon based on X68000 game. The Falcon can read MOD files (Amiga) but not MDX.
Midi files can be played too. X68000 music is better than Amiga music.

Thank you!

Post by vampirefrog »

Sorry for the late reply, I didn't get a notification. You need to install g++ as well. See in the mingw package manager. I'm not sure what the exact package names are. Then, you can use mdx2mid to convert to midi files.

I find it strange that there is a quote character in the error line "g´++", was that in the original, or is that a paste error?
If you run into more problems, let me know.

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