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Need info on systems

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Need info on systems

Post by vampirefrog »

I need some info on the systems that the music is ripped from. Only what vgmrips is hosting, of course. You may see a full list here:

The info required consists of a short text or just a link to a wikipedia page, an icon and a picture if possible.

Besides that, I need to know which systems are duplicates, so we can merge them.

Some examples I found suspicious:

Arcade: Taito
"Taito L System", "L System"
"Taito B System", "B System"
I know Taito B System is in some categories where it shouldn't, that's a bug I'm working on.
Game Boy
"Game Boy", "Nintendo Game Boy" - aren't these the same?
"Game Boy Color", "Nintendo Game Boy Color" - same?
Neo Geo
"SNK Neo Geo", "Neo Geo", "Neo Geo MVS" - same?
Personal Computer
"PC DOS", "PC", "DOS", "IBM PC AT" - same?

There are more, please have a look.

Post by GTheGuardian »

Okay, so I took a look at it and I can say the following
vampirefrog wrote:Arcade: Taito
"Taito L System", "L System"
"Taito B System", "B System"
L System is definitely Taito L System. Same for B System (There appear to be more rips that got Taito # System so L System should be merged with Taito L System and B System with Taito B System).
As for "Taito" (Which seems to only have Double Dragon), I think it should go to "Arcade Machine" simply.
vampirefrog wrote:Game Boy
"Game Boy", "Nintendo Game Boy" - aren't these the same?
"Game Boy Color", "Nintendo Game Boy Color" - same?
Yup, are all the same. There are more rips that do use the "Nintendo Game Boy" so merging it to that could work.
vampirefrog wrote:Neo Geo
"SNK Neo Geo", "Neo Geo", "Neo Geo MVS" - same?
Again, are all the same, There are more rips that use the name "SNK Neo Geo" so other names should be merged to it.
vampirefrog wrote:Personal Computer
"PC DOS", "PC", "DOS", "IBM PC AT" - same?
Yup, once again are all the same. This one's a mess since there are huge number of rips that use all variants, but the txt file template for PC Rips uses term "IBM PC/AT". So I will leave it on you what you will choose to merge.

Also, I noticed few more:
There happens to be Famicom and Family Computer (Both are the same). Again, unsure of this one, there are more rips that use term "Famicom" but it seems the term "Family Computer" could be official. (It's what the Japanese tag reads it you tag the file using "vgm_tag -System:NES")
Also, there is Nintendo VS Unisystem and Nintendo Vs. Unisystem. There are more games that use the latter name so merging there should wrok.
Nintendo Entertainment System (PAL) should go under Nintendo Entertainment System.
And one more duplicate, Famicom Disk System and Disk System. Again, I think there, Disk System should go to Famicom Disk System

Arcade: Sega
Sega System 16 The game that uses this name, Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars, runs on Sega System 16A. But what worries me if there would be any more rips that could use that name but could be on 16B system instead. So quite unsure there honestly.

Arcade: Other
Nintendo VS. System and Nintendo VS System. There are two rips that use the former name so Vs. Raid on Bungeling Bay should go there.

Arcade: Konami
Arcade I think this one should go simply to Arcade Machine.

Arcade: Capcom
Capcom CP System 1. This one should be here.
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Post by vampirefrog »

Alright, I've implemented your suggestions, and I've actually changed the way the system names are imported, so that would fix the duplicate 'Taito B System' for example. But it might also mean some systems have merged into each other even though they shouldn't. At any rate, there wasn't great uniformity in the system names to begin with. So there are still discrepancies right now.

I've added SEO-friendly URLs for the systems as well now, since I managed to get them to be unique.

My next question is what happens with systems that have only 1 game? Sometimes it's the developer's name, sometimes it's the game name. Other times it makes sense.


Systems with 1 game and the same name:

Systems with 1 game with same name as the company:

Systems that make sense:
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