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X68000 music drivers

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X68000 music drivers

Post by vampirefrog »

I thought I'd list the common music drivers used in X68000 games, especially because sometimes you can just grab the music files from the floppy and just play them back using the appropriate playback tool (usually each driver has a playback tool attached).

Feel free to contribute info. We'll soon have a wiki and this info will all be moved there, where everyone can edit.

The first five are supported by mmdsp for playback (MXDRV, MADRV, RCD, MLD, ZMUSIC).

plays MDX files. MDX files are compiled from MML files (.mus or .mml extension).
tools here.

An improved version of MXDRV, with some extra features.
tools here.


Another sound driver, taking features and ideas from other drivers, its main feature seems to be simultaneous control of OPM (YM2151) / ADPCM (MSM6258) / MIDI (YM3802).
tools here

Similar to MXDRV, but more advanced. Sound files have .ZMD extension, PCM data is stored in .ZPD files. Source files are zmusic MML, usually .ZMS extension.
tools here.

Often used in games. The music files are sometimes plain MML, with .MUS or .OPM extension.
Example games: Dragon (1989)
tools here.

RDN (Rydeen)
Multiplexing ADPCM driver (allows up to 8 PCM software channels with the MSM6258).
driver and source here (RDN*.LZH).

Example games: Darius
tools here.