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OPN(A/B/2) patches from PC98 Win95 driver

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OPN(A/B/2) patches from PC98 Win95 driver

Post by MaliceX »

Research notes based from here:

I can't remember who it was that brought this to my attention on the IRC (maybe tails_), but a while ago I wrote a python script for pulling out the instrument data, into files we can use in existing programs.

The PC98 version of Win95 had a MIDI driver for the YM2608 which included its own patch set. According to the blog link, it was also present in another thing (BIOS???) but I couldn't quite make sense of it.

Anyway, I've already ripped out the instrument map from the respective DLL and you can find my script (along with output files i attempted to create from it - OPM bank for VOPM, and an FMMIDI programs.txt) here: ... ch-src.rar

TFI conversion of the instruments as well as a VGM MM project template with all the patches imported, can be found here: ... ch-TFI.rar

EDIT: Interesting note - Playing MIDI's with the patch set in VOPM need to be transposed down one octave. This probably suggests the driver itself played all notes at a lower pitch. (No way to verify with lack of an actual machine :P)
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Post by SeregaZ »

who have same 128 midi's sounds instruments - post in here :) it will very helpful in my case. maybe another instruments will closer to PC Midi sounds.

and one more. check 01 track in demo - how to remove this frog's "kva kva" sound on bass?
what parametr can give this in theory? in vgm mm i am not hear this frog sound on bass, but after convert it is come. where i can make mistake?

probably i need to make vgm from game and see what parameters will have this instrument. when i will see difference - i will catch my mistake :) so how to make vgm from this "game" and how to unpack vgm file to see parametres?
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