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Need help ripping sfiii3rd strike (non vgm format)

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Post by insertnamehere »

Doesnt it loop for you?
You should be able to make songs loop in xmplay: go to options (you can right click on the program itself to open it)-> input-> midi-> autolooping (below the voice limit slider), and set that to loop points detected.
Will probably add a feature wich allows you to choose how many times the you want the song to repeat, but it would influence all songs.


Already had that set, just that the song ends once the duration has reached.

Post by insertnamehere »

also had the looptrack option while playing the songs?

in the default skin, its the double arrow spiraling towards a capitalised letter A, click it to set it, and a second time to set it as automatic (when loop points are detected)

because for me the character select theme loops

EDIT: also try now if the song is long enough:
(2.48 MiB) Downloaded 304 times


That'll do. Thank you.

Post by insertnamehere »

Got a little gaught up in a course exam im doing, and lacked the desire to post it on musical artifacts, for some reason, might do it later...

Post by BlackYoshi485 »

Whenever you can would you be able to take a look at some kinks with the jojoban rip pls?

Rubber Soul, Mariah intro/ending and Petshop intro/ending are missing (according to the DC version their IDs should come after song 60), some incorrect tempos such as in Midler's theme (song 15, should have a higher tempo), envelopes are missing attack values (noticeable on the drums and piano compared to ingame), and the percussion is supposed to be generally much louder.

Post by insertnamehere »

hello, thanks for the feedback,
unfortunately i have still to complete my course's exams, and not able to look into these potential problems until i finish it, which might take the whole mont of agust at best.

thanks again

Edit: in general, i will focus on this exam for all of august, september, and maybe october

Post by insertnamehere »

sorry again, i didn't have the will to work on these issues before my school started again, and started buying and checking parts for my first desktop...

just giving it a quick glance there seems to be a gap between the 60 it can extract and the extra songs, and this program stops immediately when there's a gap (offsets that are set to 00000000), which was fine for other games, but also i didn't have the expirience to make it ignore these blank spaces.


On song 26 from Street Fighter III New Generation, at the time stamps of 01:42.6, that's where the actual loop starts for that song, not at 01:08.7. Channels starts to stop at that loop before the song ends. Think you can go back to re-arrange the loop fix whenever you get a chance?

Post by MixerProductions »

Hey insertnamehere, if you are every looking for a new project to start it would be amazing if you could make something like this for the Sony ZN-1 and ZN-2.

Similar to the CPS3 it also uses a sequenced music format which sounds like it's pretty much the same as CPS2 and CPS3,

There are some amazing soundtracks on there like Rival Schools and Plasma Sword series
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Post by dongle »

Popping in to say thanks, insertnamehere, for all your work and for sharing your bounty.
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Re: Need help ripping sfiii3rd strike (non vgm format)

Post by ryanswag »

Hey guys, amazing work. I'm new to all of this and just want to confirm: is the soundfont file meant to have 1000s of unnamed presets? Asking because I see that the SF3 3rd generation has like 20 that are neatly labeled but 3rd strike has the 1000s mentioned. Are people just parsing out what they need? I'm just trying to organize it all and use songs that are specific to songs (i.e. Akuma's stage in 3rd Strike). Apologies in advanced if it's something obvious and I'm missing it.
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