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Rip vgm/psf data from PS1 startup bios?

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Rip vgm/psf data from PS1 startup bios?

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I've been trying to get the original vgm/psf(playstation sound format, it's like vgm but for the ps1) of the PS1 bios startup. Those of you who had a PS1 as a kid would remember that sound. Does anyone know of any way to extract the vgm/psf data? I tried PSound and got rather unimpressive results since I did get the three samples, although wildly out of tune and I have no idea what notes to use with them so that they sound right. I also attached a ZIP file with the samples in it below. If anyone has any hints or can help me, that would be great!
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PSound extracts the VAG (PSX waveform data) files directly. Unfortunately, the tuning and loop data is not saved as they're in a header file (VH/VAB). The jingle does not use SEQ format, it is a tiny custom sequencer.

Also, PSX SPU is not part of the VGM format so I'm moving this topic to Non-VGM technical discussion. And PSF is not at all like VGM, PSF stores the entire sound program and data and a PSF player emulates a whole (well, not really) playstation to play back the music. VGM files just contains the writes to the sound chip.
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