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have a question as the title implies. Music is not my strong point here. So this may seem a bit of a dumb question.. Is there a clean way to convert a VGM to a MP3?? I tried the WinAmp with LAME method but all i get is end of song messages and no mp3 files. Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't know of any good players, but when you do your recordings make sure to use high bit-rates, or better yet FLAC.
MP3 compression is pretty un-kind to Genesis music, especially unfiltered recordings.

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in VGMPlay.ini
; Log Sound to Wave: 0 - no logging, 1 - log only, 2 - play and log
LogSound = 0

Alternatively, run vgmplay from a batch script or the command line with -c General.LogSound=1. If arguments are used, the input file is specified with -w like this:
vgmplay64 -c General.LogSound=1 -w yoursong.vgz

Any configurations in VGMPlay.ini can be specified with -c, so you can for example make a bat script that splits channels using -c whateverchip.mutemask. Really useful for finding loop points

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By far the easiest and most user-friendly way I know how to do this is using foobar2000. It requires a small amount of initial setup, but once that's done you can drag & drop VGMs into the playlist and convert them to MP3 en-mass in one click (or FLAC, or OGG, or OPUS or whatever audio format you prefer), very helpful if you have a lot of VGMs you want to convert.

Download the latest stable version of foobar2000. You may prefer to install it in portable mode if you only want to use foobar2000 as a VGM to MP3 converter.
Download the latest foo_vgm_input component here and extract it.
• Download LAME.EXE (here is one place you can get it.) Extract it and put LAME.EXE in the root directory of your foobar2000 installation.

• Run foobar2000, go to File -> Preferences -> Components -> Install... -> navigate to find foo_input_vgm_dev_x86.fb2k-component -> Apply and restart foobar2000 as instructed.
• Drag & drop VGM files into the playlist, select the files you want to convert, right-click the selection -> Convert -> .. -> select the output format and destination options you would like (pretty self-explanatory.) Ideally save your preferences as named presets. I personally use 320kbps CBR MP3 and max level (lv8) compression FLAC. Then press Convert.

Optionally, if you saved presets, I strongly recommend also making custom buttons for them:
• Right click your playback controls -> Customise Buttons -> [Context] -> Convert -> choose your preset(s) -> Add. They will appear as additional question marks next to your playback buttons, though it is possible to add custom icons (or text using the Columns UI component) to be more practical, but this is the bare minimum and should meet your needs. Then in future, all you need to do is drag & drop VGMs into your playlist, select them, press a Convert button, bob's your uncle.


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