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How to play back PMD with PCM86/PPZ8/PZI samples

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How to play back PMD with PCM86/PPZ8/PZI samples

Post by MaliceX »

Just wondering, I have FMDSP with my current HDI but I cannot for the life of me to play back PMD music with PCM86 sound board support. FMDSP does not seem to load with PMDPPZ driver. :(

Also, does PCM86 register commands also capture on the YM2608 like with the Delta-T ADPCM for SpeakBoard?
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Post by tails_ »

About second question:
PCM86 is a separate device (like SoundBlaster's DSP) and is not supported by S98 so far. Actually S98 supports only delay commands & register writes, no data blocks.

P.S. Looking at it's behavior in hoot memory window I believe it can either read data from buffer or read data from internal RAM (which acts as buffer too).
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