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Action Fighter

Sega System 16A (YM2151)

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Action Fighter

Post by ValleyBell »

TitleAction Fighter
SystemSega System 16A
Sound ChipsYM2151
Playing time8:06
Pack authorSonic of 8!
Pack version1.00
Last Update2011-12-28

Pack author's comment
Now only Body Slam seems to complete the all S16A VGM Packs. Now in concentrate in making a S16B VGM Pack for Bock (like WB Monster Lair or Aurail, two games developed by Westone) to give a gift to his birthday.
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Post by dissident93 »

Gamefaqs lists Ben Daglish for the Amiga version. I'm pretty sure he just did the porting.

Re: Action Fighter

Post by dmbnation41 »

Way too earlier, I looked up an article of this game from VGMdb and it told me that Tohru Nakabayashi and Hiroshi Kawaguchi were the composers of this game. My problem is that I don't know which composed which.
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Re: Action Fighter

Post by zerovision » ... ionFighter

This old MDX conversion has what is reportedly an unused tune ("ACF10.MDX"). In the real game's sound test, if it is there, it's inaccessible.
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