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Wonder Boy in Monster Land

Sega System 2 (2xSN76489A)

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Wonder Boy in Monster Land

Post by ValleyBell »

TitleWonder Boy in Monster Land
ComposerShinichi Sakamoto
SystemSega System 2
Sound Chips2xSN76489A
Playing time19:35
Pack authorSonic of 8!
Pack version1.10
Last Update2013-05-28

Pack author's comment
Wonder Boy Arcade VGM Rips was done! And all of them was made by me!

Post by Sonic of 8! »

I may recommend to users grabbing all of the unsubmitted VGM Packs, because SOPA & PIPA can shutdown Mediafire that is located in State of Texas (SOPA & PIPA was turned off Megaupload and put his founder on jail)... Or maybe not.
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Post by Sik »

Those bills would need to pass first...
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Post by Tom »

Oh man, I love this game. Maybe a bit too hard, but it's awesome.

Me, now: :headphones:
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Post by Landale »

It seems like this soundtrack cannot be emulated properly. Some parts cannot be heard and other plays one octave below the original.
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Post by ValleyBell »

I already wondered when the first complaint about that comes... :P

It's because the Sega System 1/2 uses 2 PSGs with 2 different clocks (2 MHz and 4 MHz) and that isn't supported by VGM v1.51. (dual chips always have the same clock speed)
But as you can hear when playing the demo VGM included with VGMPlay, v1.70 will fix that problem, so it's just a matter of time.

EDIT: With the 2013-05-28 update, I updated the files to VGM v1.70 and fixed the issue.
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Post by Despatche »

Wouldn't hurt to use "Wonder Boy: Monster Land" instead. This version didn't have the "in" at any point, which also happens to match up with the Japanese port and Monster Lair.
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