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Quiz Syukudai wo Wasuremashita

Sega System 24 (YM2151)

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Quiz Syukudai wo Wasuremashita

Post by ValleyBell »

TitleQuiz Syukudai wo Wasuremashita
SystemSega System 24
Sound ChipsYM2151
Playing time13:12
Pack authorHarmoDevil
Pack version1.00
Last Update2016-07-15

Pack author's comment
The screenshot may be broken, as it looks kinda weird (with grey on the screen) and MAME does say the game's video emulation isn't 100% accurate.

Post by Nicolaas Hamman »

Chikako Kamatani and Kazuhiko Nagai can be added as composers, Nagai confirmed it me all of a sudden on Twitter when I asked him about Grand Cross (which he hadn't heard of) ... 2962174977
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