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Shiryou Sensen

TurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine

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Shiryou Sensen

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TitleShiryou Sensen
SystemTurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine
Playing time18:18
Pack authorsherpa
Pack version1.00
Last Update2015-01-29

Pack author's comment
An early horror themed game. Good music. Very flag driven game, so can't zoom through it to see what the music of some tracks is based on. It's possible some of these are not in game. Unknown composer, but another game from Victor Musical Industries, who worked on such games as The Legendary Axe. Fun Factory (or Project) as it's listed here made the original game, my guess is Victor provided the music. Not sure who ported the code and added the rpg elements.

Wish I knew who the composer was. Some music is recycled, could be the last three tracks are not used in game at all. One track had a somewhat unique loop/song structure, and I don't think the track appears in game.