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Soul Edge

Namco System 11 (C352)

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Soul Edge

Post by ValleyBell »

TitleSoul Edge
ComposerTakayuki Aihara, Takanori Otsura
SystemNamco System 11
Sound ChipsC352
Playing time38:01
Pack authorctr
Pack version2.00
Last Update2022-11-11

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Post by kokujin »

Thanks a bunch for ripping this, really love this soundtrack.
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Soul Edge

Post by akuma6498 »

Thank you for the post and super happy for releasing one of my favorite soundtracks of all time!
I noticed on the In_Vgm plugin that Namco C76 (Mitsubishi M37702) is missing,
that could be the muting of the extra 8 tracks that can't be muted on the Namco C352 Sound chip I was testing the End Credits (25 Finale and End Credits.vgz)
probably the soundtrack was made with 32 plus channels instead of 24.

Cheers! ;) :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:
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Post by akuma6498 »

Correction my bad!
The C352 is the chip and the C76 is the board! The C352 is supposed to be 32 channels on in_vgm and not 24 but when I mute the dissable chip it mutes all in Chip#1 and noticed that in Chip#2 window in winamp you can't access it at all and even if you stop the song from the player then is available but the mute for the last 8 tracks doesn't work at all :( :( :( :(

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Post by ctr »

To clear up any remaining confusion, C76 is the sound CPU. The board is Namco System 11.

And yes, in_vgm does not support muting for the last 8 channels. But you can use VGMPlay (the standalone application) instead. By modifying vgmplay.ini, it is possible to mute or isolate any of the 32 channels.

Also, for this particular game (and most other Namco arcade games), you could also use my application, which supports channel muting. All you need is the MAME romset.
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