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Tekken 3

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Tekken 3

Post by ValleyBell »

TitleTekken 3
ComposerNobuyoshi Sano, Keiichi Okabe
SystemNamco System 12
Sound ChipsC352
Playing time53:06
Pack author2ch-H
Pack version2.00
Last Update2023-10-27

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Post by Namco51 »

I was listening to the Tekken 3 tracks and realized that Sano is Sanodg, a familar name from my younger years. With the way the current global virus situation is unfolding I began to worry about his health, because the bass line on track 11 Nina Williams, and the beat on tracks 19 Continuet and 21 Staff Roll are fuckin' sick.

If you are not feeling well, I suggest you limit your exposure to these sick tracks. I wish Sano & Okabe, and the VGMRips visitors the best of health and to stay safe in these difficult times.

NEEDS UPDATE – Tekken 3 Round Loops


Tekken 3 has dynamic loops for every rounds and it plays until each rounds are over. For instance; when Round 1 is over, the dynamic loop changes for Round 2 the same for Round 3, and Round 4, then resets to Round 3 on Round 5, and resets to Round 4 on Round 6, etc. When I listened to Yoshimitsu's music, the loop was cut short changing the dynamic, making it impossible to carry on the loop from the in-game music. Also, for Ogre's music; the first round keeps looping and doesn't change into the second round loop (which triggers when Ogre starts to transform into True Ogre for the dynamic loop to change in the Final Stage on 1P Mode). Each characters has Round Loop dynamics which triggers when it's over. This pack needs an update for listeners to enjoy...


Paul Phoenix: Round 1 (loop)
Paul Phoenix: Round 2 (loop)
Paul Phoenix: Round 3 (loop)
Paul Phoenix: Round 4 (loop)

Forest Law: Round 1 (loop)
Forest Law: Round 2 (loop)
Forest Law: Round 3 (loop)
Forest Law: Round 4 (loop)

Lei Wulong: Round 1 (loop)
Lei Wulong: Round 2 (loop)
Lei Wulong: Round 3 (loop)
Lei Wulong: Round 4 (loop)

King: Round 1 (loop)
King: Round 2 (loop)
King: Round 3 (loop)
King: Round 4 (loop)

Yoshimitsu: Round 1 (loop)
Yoshimitsu: Round 2 (loop)
Yoshimitsu: Round 3 (loop)
Yoshimitsu: Round 4 (loop)

Nina Williams: Round 1 (loop)
Nina Williams: Round 2 (loop)
Nina Williams: Round 3 (loop)
Nina Williams: Round 4 (loop)

Hwoarang: Round 1 (loop)
Hwoarang: Round 2 (loop)
Hwoarang: Round 3 (loop)
Hwoarang: Round 4 (loop)

Ling Xiaoyu: Round 1 (loop)
Ling Xiaoyu: Round 2 (loop)
Ling Xiaoyu: Round 3 (loop)
Ling Xiaoyu: Round 4 (loop)

Eddy Gordo: Round 1 (loop)
Eddy Gordo: Round 2 (loop)
Eddy Gordo: Round 3 (loop)
Eddy Gordo: Round 4 (loop)

Jin Kazama: Round 1 (loop)
Jin Kazama: Round 2 (loop)
Jin Kazama: Round 3 (loop)
Jin Kazama: Round 4 (loop)

For Hidden Characters: Round 1 (loop)
For Hidden Characters: Round 2 (loop)
For Hidden Characters: Round 3 (loop)
For Hidden Characters: Round 4 (loop)

Heihachi Mishima: Round 1 (loop)
Heihachi Mishima: Round 2 (loop)
Heihachi Mishima: Round 3 (loop)
Heihachi Mishima: Round 4 (loop)

Ogre: Round 1 (loop)
True Ogre: Round 2 (loop)
True Ogre: Round 3 (loop)
True Ogre: Round 4 (loop)

Just an example of how the list should look like for an update... I know it's too much to ask, but just saying, it should sound authentic like the in-game Arcade version instead of the album... I've already done the Ling Xiaoyu music for the upcoming project (which will probably never be finished due to one music: Yoshimitsu), so I'll have to do the Yoshimitsu's in a non-authentic loop, whereas I'll loop the rest of the characters' since I can catch the loops before the dynamic changes (ex. Paul Phoenix, my personal favorite). I will replace the video next year when this pack gets updated in the future...
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Post by 2ch-H »

The pack I created is a reproduction of the OST.
If you want, you can reproduce it with the following MAME cheats.(Thanks by ctr made a music trigger script.)
Can be used in service mode.

Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- This file is autogenerated; comments and unknown tags will be stripped -->
<mamecheat version="1">
	<cheat desc="Infinite Time">
		<script state="run">
	<cheat desc="Ruond 2 Change">
		<script state="on">
	</cheat>	<cheat desc="Ruond 3 Change">
		<script state="on">
	</cheat>	<cheat desc="Ruond 2 Return">
		<script state="on">
I'm not as motivated as I used to be.
I think it would be better if it was created by someone who has a better understanding of how it works.
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Post by ctr »

The game checks for the next round triggers at the end of each measure, so it's not possible to start from a certain round. You have to let at least a measure of each "round" play first before transitioning. If you do it too fast, sometimes the song will desync.

I gave instructions for how to play back in QuattroPlay in IRC (though keep in mind that we won't accept logged VGMs from it)

Code: Select all

start the song manually to prevent the playlist from automatically switching (press space to enter this mode, stop and restart playback with `s` and `r`)
then you can press 1,2,3 to switch between rounds. it will only work if you do it in the same order as the game, intro -> 1,2,3,2,3 etc
it's not possible to start the song directly at the second round etc, because those transitions are done by conditional jumps in the song (at the end of each measure)
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