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Dunk Mania

Namco System 11 (C352)

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Dunk Mania

Post by ValleyBell »

TitleDunk Mania
ComposerNobuyoshi Sano
SystemNamco System 11
Sound ChipsC352
Playing time33:01
Pack authorctr
Pack version2.00
Last Update2023-05-19

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Post by talent »

This is a jazzy-sounding OST.

Not bad! :)
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Post by drdevil »

I complain about everything, but why are some of the beats out of sync? Is it a problem with the VGMs or the original music?

Other than that, the music's awesome. Nothing beats a bit of jazz.
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Post by ctr »

It's because the samples play 1% too slow...

We currently use a divider of 228 for the System 11 packs. When adding the C352 to VGMPlay we first thought that the divider value (which somehow varies for each system) had to be divisible by 4. But it was later shown it isn't (see: System 23).

It seems like the correct divider is 226. Since this is not divisible by 4 we need to multiply the clock and then apply a divider setting of 0x71.
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