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Pack playlists

If you're experiencing problems with the website (packs pages/forum/wiki) or you would like to suggest something, you can post here.

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Post by cetera »

Thanks so much for your help on this!!

Post by Kaminari »

Can we edit the name of a playlist? I couldn't find the feature.

Post by vampirefrog »

I'll have to implement it. If you give me the ID of the playlist, I can alter the name for you.

Post by Kaminari »

Thanks, there's no urgency. I was just wondering. I'll wait for the feature :)
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Post by bmos »

I use the playlists on my phone quite a lot (in the car/gym/etc) however, smaller window sizes do not allow the game titles to be shown. It would be nice to have titles since the track names usually don't give much info. Maybe a subtitle for the player would work?
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Post by ben_s »

Is it possible to delete playlists currently? There are delete buttons, but on my browser (Chrome/Mac) they don't seem to do anything.

Post by vampirefrog »

Ok, possible to delete playlists now.

Post by vampirefrog »

bmos: made pack title visible on mobile better

Post by Rotating Username »

1. I'm getting an error when I try to delete a playlist and it still has songs in it. Example:
Exception caught: MySQL error: Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails (`vgmrips_vgmrips`.`rip_playlist_songs`, CONSTRAINT `rip_playlist_songs_playlist` FOREIGN KEY (`playlist_id`) REFERENCES `rip_playlists` (`id`)) "DELETE FROM rip_playlists WHERE phpbb_user_id = '105' AND id = '636'"
If I delete all songs from the playlist, the playlist can also be deleted, so it's not a big deal.

2. Would it be possible to make a playlist generator that automatically adds two packs to a playlist and interleaves them in A/B/A/B order, so you can more easily compare & contrast sets like the PSG and FM versions of a game? I'm not expecting something that magically aligns two dissimilar packs, but creating a playlist that alternates between two of the same size would be nice.

3. combining these two matters, perhaps such playlists could optionally be marked as temporary, deleting themselves after 24 ~ 72 hours? Just a thought.
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