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Winamp In_VGM Muting Problem

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Winamp In_VGM Muting Problem

Post by garthknight »

Hi folks I'm wondering why when I try to mute all the channels on for example the Namco C352 or Sega Multi PCM emulations I still hear audio ? I'm trying to isolate some Drum sounds to sample them
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Post by ctr »

The current muting dialogue is hardcoded to not support more than 24 channels, even for chips that have more than 24 channels like MultiPCM and C352.

However you can use VGMPlay to mute all channels, by modifying the configuration file.

Post by garthknight »

AH !

nice one ctr, thanks man
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Post by drdevil »

If you have Foobar 2000, you can use foo_input_vgm, which displays all channels for C352 and MultiPCM in its muting dialogue.

Also, there honestly isn't much point in muting individual channels of the MultiPCM, since every game that uses this sound chip has dynamic channel allocation.
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Post by garthknight »

I have to though in order to get a clean one shot of a Snare or a High hat

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Post by ValleyBell »

Yeah, sorry. GUI programming isn't a strength of mine, so I never redesigned the options dialog with more space.
I just put as many check boxes into the window as I could without making it look too cluttered. (And I also haven't touched in_vgm's GUI in years.)

You can mute channels by editing in_vgm.ini too, btw, section [Muting]. It's a bitmask with channels 1, 2, 3, 4, ... being 0x01, 0x02, 0x04, 0x08, ... (You can mute everything with 0xFFFFFFFF.)
It will keep the state of the channels where no check boxes exist.
You need to turn off "Reset on track change" though, else it will enable all channels when playing the next song.

Post by garthknight »

Hey Valley !

Its no problem at all man I'm just extremely grateful for you actually making this genius of a plugin for Winamp ! seriously I love it so much

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Post by garthknight »


One thing I meant to ask sorry was - what is the SCSP Chip ? is that the Saturn ? is it possible to play Sega Saturn VGM's in this ? as the DSF crashes winamp without the Audiooverlord plugin

Post by garthknight »


I've just made a huge discovery tonight !

While randomly searching through my samples library I stumbled upon my old Zero G Datafiles 1,2,,& 3 - Man I am 99% certain these CD's are all over the Sega / Namco / Capcom Arcades of the imid to late 90's - it's all there - Brass Synth - orchestral Horns - Drums - Breakbeats

I noticed they were the same as all the MAME ROM's i've managed to extract Samples from - Phew ! totally by chance this happened - I did wonder where they got all those cool sounds
So just in case any fellow composers where asking the same thing.
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