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Sega Saturn VGM ?

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Sega Saturn VGM ?

Post by garthknight »

Hi all,

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere , but is there plans to release Sega Saturn VGM's on here? I find some of the soundtracks absolute masterpieces and the chip was way ahead of the pack for the time I think
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Post by drdevil »

SCSP emulation is incomplete. The timers are wrong, making tracks play at innacurate tempos (an even bigger problem for games with pre rendered drumloops). VGM logging is also disabled by default for the SCSP chip.
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I might get back to VGM ripping someday.

Post by garthknight »

cheers man, pity as I have to be able to find any good quality OST's of the Saturn games - Even converting SSF to Wav they sound harsh/ bit crushed slightly on quiet passages
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