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Uploader for submissions

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Uploader for submissions

Post by Oerg866 »

Right, so,

to get rid of links to shitty one-click-hosters I was wondering if anyone would oppose me making a small upload site on this server so you can upload submissions that way.

former VGMRips server hoster :)

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Post by Tom »

I am not against it per se, but I think you should be careful about it, as such a system might be abused. Besides, these days mediafire isn't as bad as it used to be, as you can actually download files from there even with javascript disabled, which means no ads and no popups at all.

(also I am moving this topic since it's not a news (yet), but rather a suggestion (for now) ;) )
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Post by ValleyBell »

I actually like the idea of an uploading site.
Mediafire is not bad, but Despositfiles is sometimes a little annoying.

I think it could work as long as only registered members are allowed to upload files.
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