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Is there a RSS feed of

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Is there a RSS feed of

Post by UcatastaCA »


I did not realize where to write my question. It's more of a technical question regarding the boardsoftware, so I am sorry if "Off-Topic" is the incorrect section.

My name is Paolo and I am 25 years old. I've been reading on for a bunch of days and today I made the decision to participate. ;)

BTT ... the question is if there is a chance to receive recent topics via RSS feed? I love reading new articles of my favored blogs with RSS Bandit so it would be amazing to also be able to check what's going on on in my reader.

It would be nice if you could send me the link to the feed. Thank you!


Note by Tom: this user was banned on 2012-01-08 because he changed his avatar to a NSFW image, and linked to a NSFW website both in his signature and as his personal website. Besides, his email address and his IP address are listed in a list of known spammers (I was aware of this, even when I wrote my reply below, but I wanted to give him a chance since his post here is perfectly legit, I thought that even spammers might want to listen to some vgm music so I didn't feel like banning him straight away). Just adding a note here so you don't wonder "wtf he was banned for asking about an RSS feed". No, I definitely confirm that I hate to ban people, this is not TASvideos, don't worry ;)
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Post by Tom »

Hello Paolo, and welcome to the forum! :wave:

Yes, there is, the main one is, but you can specify a parameter if you want to be updated on a single subforum (e.g. or a single topic (e.g.

This was being addressed in another topic, here, so I'll lock this one (and yes, Off-Topic wasn't the right section, so I moved it) ;)

Feel free to use the other thread to post suggestions or report a bug, I don't use RSS feeds often so it's possible that I did something wrong.
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