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Street Fighter EX2 Plus

Capcom ZN-2 (QSound)

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Street Fighter EX2 Plus

Post by ValleyBell »

TitleStreet Fighter EX2 Plus
ComposerTakayuki Aihara, Shinji Hosoe,
Ayako Saso
SystemCapcom ZN-2
Sound ChipsQSound
Playing time55:33
Pack authorctr
Pack version2.00
Last Update2022-09-16

Pack author's comment
I have taken the liberty of byteswapping all the samples, except for two hi-hat samples. This will make the songs sound a little better and probably more like how the composers intended them to sound like.
The attract music (track 02) plays on both the QSound chip and the PSX SPU. Since the SPU is not in the VGM standard, I extracted the ADPCM sample, converted it to PCM to play on a YMZ280B instead.

see the pack notes for more info.
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Post by blitzlunar »

Bearing in mind that the composer credits are in-part based on original research, what do you think of the suggestion that "Phantom Bomb" is by Yasuhisa Watanabe? I have it tagged that way it in my fb2k library, but I thought I'd float that idea here as well. At the very least, I am convinced that he arranged the version that appears on CPCA-1038 because it involves a particular almost trademark synthesizer patch in it at 1:02 that is instantly recognisable from many - probably most - of his other game soundtracks, though the writing style is pretty consistent for him too.

I also think White Field might be Hosoe rather than Saso, but I don't think there's reason to doubt any of the other credits, these songs sound pretty stereotypical of their respective authors - and amazing too of course.
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Post by ctr »

Yack is not credited in the arcade version, so I did not credit any songs to him. Though, now that I think of it, it's a convenience that it appears in the first song ID as well as the last one (00 and 35 respectively, keeping in mind IDs 00-07 seems to be used for work in progress songs, more specifically Hosoe's), implying that it was the last song to be added. Maybe Yack composed it at the last minute and Hosoe arranged it for the arcade version...

White Field comes from the original EX2, which has track credits in the liner notes.

Arcade credits
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Post by ctr »

The Fighting EX Layer soundtrack comes with composer credits for the PSX version of SFEX2 Plus. As it just happens, the credits match my guesses exactly! And does indeed seem like Yack was brought in to arrange music (3 songs) for the PS version specifically.
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Post by fusoxide »

Anywhere I can hear the unused ADPCM track? I'm curious how it sounds, and if it was used in any other game.
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