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Street Fighter Alpha 2 / Street Fighter Zero 2

CP System II (QSound)

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Street Fighter Alpha 2 / Street Fighter Zero 2

Post by ValleyBell »

TitleStreet Fighter Alpha 2 / Street Fighter Zero 2
ComposerIsao Abe, Shun Nishigaki, Setsuo Yamamoto,
Yuko Takehara, Naoaki Iwami, Naoshi Mizuta,
Tatsuro Suzuki, Yoko Shimomura
SystemCP System II
Sound ChipsQSound
Playing time1:21:02
Pack author2ch-H
Pack version1.00
Last Update2013-01-08

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Street Fighter Alpha 2 errors

Post by Splats »

Hey there, everyone. I'm posting this because I've noticed a couple of errors in the Street Fighter Alpha 2 set. In "Dan's Theme", the loop seems to run too long. (The Alpha 1 rip is more accurate here, from the looks of it.) Also, "Ending Akuma 1" and "Ending M. Bison" are switched around.

There are mistakes I've noticed in a few Genesis sets as well, but I guess I should mention them on Project 2612 instead (as soon as I figure out how to get my confirmation e-mail), so that's it for now.
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