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Punisher, The

CP System Dash (QSound)

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Punisher, The

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TitleThe Punisher
ComposerYoko Shimomura, Isao Abe
SystemCP System Dash
Sound ChipsQSound
Playing time29:10
Pack authorThe Green Herring
Pack version1.10
Last Update2020-10-10

Pack author's comment
My third submission answers a request made by Knurek here. Although I always intended to make a pack for this game at some point, the post inspired me to get right on it, and I made this whole pack the day it was posted. This marks the first CP System Dash game on the site, and it's my first released pack for a game that uses QSound. Enjoy!
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If the Wikipedia page is accurate, there are only 5 more CPS' games that need to be ripped. How convenient!
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Just a note. "Continue" is The Punisher's continue theme and "Unused BGM 3" is Nick Fury's continue theme.
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