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Rastan / Rastan Saga

Taito (YM2151, C140)

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Rastan / Rastan Saga

Post by Tom »

TitleRastan / Rastan Saga
ComposerNaoto Yagishita, Masahiko Takaki
SystemArcade Machine
Sound ChipsYM2151
Playing time9:22
Pack authorDuchemole
Pack version1.02
Last Update2022-07-22

Download Arcade/Taito/Rastan_(Arcade).zip (183 337 bytes)

Post by Sonic of 8! »

Japanese name (as screenshot says): Rastan Saga
オモいカルチャーをオモチャーと言う - 細野晴臣

Post by Rotating Username »

Does this game actually use the C140? It's not mentioned in the readme, and what I read of the MAME notes indicates the chip previously marked as just "ADPCM" turned out to be the MSM5205.

Post by Sonic of 8! »

Rotating Username wrote:Does this game actually use the C140?
C140 are exclusive to Namco arcade boards, and only Namco games uses it.
オモいカルチャーをオモチャーと言う - 細野晴臣
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