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Technical discussion about the VGM format, and all the software you need to handle VGM files.

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Good points I should probably ask grantgalitz about; I have the XAudioJS.executeCallback function running through setInterval rather than requestAnimationFrame, but that doesn't seem to help. Maybe it's something inherent to XAJ's implementation of a browser's *AudioContext rather than Flash?

Post by vampirefrog »

I've managed to convert the AY8910 code to C++. It was relatively easy, since it was kind of object-oriented anyway. Now to figure out how to convert it from C++ to something else.

I've looked at both Ci and Haxe, and one is too simple, the other is too complex, but neither has support for more advanced integers, for example uint16_t. Ci supports byte (8 bits) and int (32 bits). Haxe supports only Int. The C++ files generated by Haxe are big and seem unnecessary. I haven't found a way to disable all the boilerplate and just get the important code.

I'm thinking of just converting the code to C++, so all the chips are object oriented and even inherit a base class (maybe called SoundChip). I'm still thinking about how this will end up, since both meta-languages turned out to be less than expected (the idea is great, but they're implemented strangely and are not very flexible). (tested, compiled and working).
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Post by MaliceX »

neologix wrote:In other news, I've just successfully decoupled OPM playback from the JS MDX Web Player and integrated it into the web VGM Player! I've added the "Street Fighter II - The World Warrior" playlist to try it, though it's noticeably uninteresting without the OKIM6295 support.

Eventually the OPM script will be rewritten to have an API more consistent with how I initially set up the SN76489 and screwy YM2612 scripts, but at least now I have a proof-of-work for dropping in someone else's separate, relatively unmodified core into the thing.

Once I finish finals, I'll go back to working on YM2612 so I can move on to YM2413 and finally finish VGM v1.50 parity.

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It looks like there's emulation code for the Pokey chip in ASAP, all you have to do is compile it to js with cito. Maybe you can use it.
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