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in_vgm VGMPlay question - muting

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in_vgm VGMPlay question - muting

Post by chappy »

Quick question from a newcomer.

In the Winamp plugin in_vgm, I am able to mute individual voices on the YM2612 and SN76496.

With VGMPlay I have been able to tinker with many settings in the .ini, including muting whole chips, but have not successfully been able to render WAV files with muted instruments/channels.

Maybe I'm missing something, or maybe it isn't a feature. If it can be done, how exactly would I do it? My goal is to create wav files of vgms, at altered tempos, with missing instruments to facilitate mixing.

Many thanks guys,

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Post by ValleyBell »

This is probably what you want:

Code: Select all

Disabled = False
; EmulatorType: 0 - MAME, 1 - Maxim
EmulatorType = 0x00
; Channels: 4 (0-3)
; Way 1:
MuteCh0 = True
MuteCh1 = True
MuteCh2 = False
MuteCh3 = True

; Way 2:
MuteMask = 0x0B
In VGMPlay you can't choose between chip 1 and 2 though. Muting settings are always applied to both chips.
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Post by chappy »

Exactly what I'm after, thank you very much indeed!
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