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question about VGM_SRO

Technical discussion about the VGM format, and all the software you need to handle VGM files.

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question about VGM_SRO

Post by Duchemole »

i'm currently ripping shadow dancer arcade (yes, i know i'd better not)
and, while trying to optimize some vgm using vgm_sro.exe, it can work, but sometimes, i get "RF5Cxx Memory writes aren't supported.89 / 0005ACF0"
is it an easily fixable problem, or should i put away these vgms files, waiting for a sro update to solve the problem ?
thanks !!!
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Post by ValleyBell »

If vgm_sro works on RF5Cxx VGMs depends on how the games work.
If they use a static set of samples that gets uploaded to the chip's RAM at the very beginning and that is never changed (like Popful Mail on the Sega CD), vgm_sro is the tool.
But if the samples are streamed to the chip's RAM dependent on their usage, you need to use optvgmrf instead.

If you post some of the VGMs (working and non-working with vgm_sro), I can probably give you more advice.
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