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New chip to emulate

Philips SAA1099

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New chip to emulate

Post by vampirefrog »

It's apparently emulated already, all we need to do is add it to the VGM spec, and log it out of a few emulators.

Just wanted to note this here.

Re: New chip to emulate

Post by vampirefrog »

To view it in action, get the emulator from here

The package contains 4 demo programs, including manic miner and a demo.

Some vids:


To me, it sounds like quite a capable chip, worth ripping.
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Re: New chip to emulate

Post by ValleyBell »

Sorry, but I don't take requests for new chips ATM. (It's bad enough that most of the VGM tools lack support for most of the v1.61 chips.)
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Post by MaliceX »

Sierra's english port of Sorcerian also has a SAA1099 (GameBlaster) soundtrack too. Sounds way better than the pitiful OPL2 conversion...
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