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vgm_trim keeps producing small files that do not play

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vgm_trim keeps producing small files that do not play

Post by Zeether »

I'm trying to properly loop music from Flame Zapper Kotsujin on PC-98 using vgm_trim and it keeps spitting out a 273 KB file that doesn't play at all. I've got it outputting at the right sample rate and I've picked the samples correctly for the different start/loop/end positions but it keeps coming out that way. Is there an issue on my end or something? I attached the logged version in case anyone wants to try it with that.
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Post by kirishima »

I'd say there's something wrong with the file, or vgmtools didn't like the file. Vgmlpfnd didn't want to work with it either.
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The file was not closed properly, so the End-Of-File offset is wrong and this confuses the tools.
(Neko Project 2 doesn't seem to close S98 and VGM logs when you press the X button.)
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