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Trying to Log Hokuto no Ken (ARC systems) No Luck w/MAME

Technical discussion about the VGM format, and all the software you need to handle VGM files.

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Trying to Log Hokuto no Ken (ARC systems) No Luck w/MAME

Post by garthknight »

Hi all, Trying to log this soundtrack with MAME but the game isn't working, but it is in Demul, however I don't know if thats capable of logging VGM ? only capturing a Wav?
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Post by drdevil »

You won't be able to log this game because it uses the AICA chip, which is currently unsupported. If it is ever supported, you could try logging it but since it probably uses dynamic channel allocation (unless the music is streamed), it will be a challenge to trim.
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Post by garthknight »

Hi, is the AICA chip unsupported everywhere? or is there a way to extract directly from the ISO perhaps?

Post by Kaminari »

More than ten years after the first experiments of Neill Corlett, the current state of AICA emulation is almost there but not quite. The DSP in particular still has a long way to go. You can grab the various DSF rips that are floating around and try the SCSP/AICA plugin for Foobar that is maintained by Kode54. Some games sound good, others are very problematic (Virtua Fighter RPG chief among them).

Post by garthknight »

What I'm trying to get my head around is why there is a lack of psf2s file for download ?

I'm trying to get into the large .BIN file from the ISO but when I mount it windows cannot access it, seems like I'm stopped every step of the way which is really frustrating

I'm almost sure there should be XA files in the ISO that I can just convert but it's just one huge .BIn file in the 'DATA' folder ??? Stumped , if I could only access that bloomin folder when I mount it!

Post by garthknight »

Funny thing is if I import the .BIN file as Raw Data into Audacity it does actually have the music in it but it's terrible sounding and no adjustment of import settings improves it
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Post by ctr »

If you're going to change the topic of the discussion, at least say what game and system you're talking about. It won't make any sense otherwise. For PS2 games, you could try opening the .bin file in a program called PSound.

Post by garthknight »

Sorry ctr , will do .

Post by garthknight »

OK so tried Psound and I get all the Sound FX and voices - but no actual music tracks - so i tried Cube media and others but found nothing else - I 'Know' the music is in there as I can hear a lowered bit depth/distorted version when importing as raw data in audacity ???

Post by garthknight »

So kind of changing the 'Format' I'm trying to rip now as I think the music is encrypted , at least I've tried to the best of my limited knowledge as to how to find the musoc track using most of the tools I know of - Psound/ Psmplay / Psxmc etc... even using Cube media player and Mfaudio to search for them but nothing but the speech and sound FX (Theanks to Psound cheets ctr)

I don't think this is possible even though some guy on youtube has already uploaded them stating the format was 'VGM raw data' but he didn't mention how he logged the tracks damn !

So I'm trying now to see if it's possible to rip directly from the MAME ROM - Which uses the Atomiswave BIOS to run the game - so far in audacity I get the usual white noise + occasional beep
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Post by kirishima »

Atomiswave games are encrypted. There are a couple things you can do:
A: Try and figure out how Knurek decrypted Atomiswave roms when he was doing rips of them.
B: Wait till darksoft gets around to attempting to convert it to Naomi for his little project.

The music in the ps2 version is headerless little endian pcm at 44100hz(?), 2 channels interleaved at 0x200. I only got that much using a hex editor and snakemeat's vgmtoolbox.
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