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KSS2VGM converter

Technical discussion about the VGM format, and all the software you need to handle VGM files.

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KSS2VGM converter

Post by grauw »

KSS2VGM is a libkss-based VGM (.vgm) file generator for various MSX music formats. Supported input formats are .kss, .mgs, .bgm, .opx, .mpk, .mbm.

Note that KSS2VGM is still an experimental, minimum command-line options are available and output .vgm file is not optimized.


The following command converts the 8th song of favorite.kss to out.vgm of 120 seconds.

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$ ./kss2vgm -p120 -s8 -oout.vgm favorite.kss
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Post by bmos »

nice grauw :)
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Post by lo zaffo »

OOps! All my typos are there! :bash:
Good tool from okaxaki, in my opinion.

Ciao! :mrgreen:
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