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mml2vgm and MDPlayer by Kuma @ Kumatan on twitter

Technical discussion about the VGM format, and all the software you need to handle VGM files.

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mml2vgm and MDPlayer by Kuma @ Kumatan on twitter

Post by lo zaffo »

following on Twitter Kumatan KumaKumaKuma,
I knew he/they were developing a mml2vgm compiler and a C# windows player MDPlayer (it uses NAudio),
and after some tests with mml2vgm IMHO I think that it's quite great.

Both MDPlayer and mml2vgm are on GitHub and I could re-compile from sources on a Windows 7 machine.
MDPlayer and mml2vgm

I'm not a musician so I compiled Kuma's already built mml (mml2vgm's dialect mml files have .gwi extension)
taken from this dropbox

Maybe all of You already knew it, anycase I didn't found any report on mml2vgm searching on the boards.

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Post by MaliceX »

oh wow. another attempt to MML2VGM. gotta check this out. thanks for sharing!

EDIT: just checked out the repo and the examples on dropbox. daaaaaaaamn! someone's finally done it!

btw MDPlayer has a neat VGM2MID functionality for putputting stuff that can be played straight into the latest version of VOPMex. Bit buggy but its awesome.
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