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Converting VGMs to tracker module files (MOD/IT/XM/etc.)?

Technical discussion about the VGM format, and all the software you need to handle VGM files.

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Converting VGMs to tracker module files (MOD/IT/XM/etc.)?

Post by sc00pj0hn »

Few days ago i started getting into MilkyTracker and i was pretty interested in getting to make covers of existing videogame music with SNES, PSX, etc. videogame samples, but is there a tool that allows conversion of PCM-based sound chip channels to tracker module files?
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Post by ctr »

I remember something similar being attempted with PSG chips. But, in general this is not a good idea. Since VGM files do not contain any tempo information, module files will just look like a mess anyway. Better to just rip the samples and cover the song by transcribing the music and then using the original samples. Or reverse engineer the game's internal sound format.

Post by nitrofurano »

i guess it was from me? - converting from vgm (ay-3-8910 and sn76489) wasn’t that difficult - the main goal of that humble effort is to get a minimally editable tracker module file so it could be finetuned or converted to something else later

i was also curious about doing the same on ym-based vgm files
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