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VGM logging feature possible?

Technical discussion about the VGM format, and all the software you need to handle VGM files.

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Hi folks! I've been using hoot to rip a fair amount of games into wav for personal use for now, but I've got a question concerning the YM2608 and the samples it uses in hoot. I listened to some packs on vgmrips (ex: Hole Chaser YM2608) and I noticed it has a higher sampling rate for at the least the ADPCM than when I played it back in hoot, albeit that pack was made using the MESS VGM mod. Is there any way to change the sampling rate that hoot outputs those channels (or just the ADPCM channel) at?
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You know you can just use vgmplay to render VGMs to WAV. Hoot is closed source and it is not possible to change any emulation parameters without disassembling it and making a patch the hard way.
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Well, the reason I ask is because there are some soundtracks I'd like to have that aren't currently available on vgmrips or in vgm format but do exist as hoot packs, and I wasn't having success figuring out vgm ripping on MAME/MESS. That's unfortunate there's not an option in hoot or the config to change the sample rate for the ADPCM, but thanks for letting me know.
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Hoot updated yesterday.
S98 resolution inclease patch still work.
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