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did Michael Jackson composed any of Sonic 3 songs?

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did Michael Jackson composed any of Sonic 3 songs?

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as i found it here at ... 35040.html , and no mentions to Michael Jackson at ... ve-genesis - perhaps we need better evidences for confirming it? what do you all think about?

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Not again! :wheelchair:
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Jackson directly? probably not
Some people of this team were involved with some tracks, but it is not clear how many songs that were composed by his team eventually ended up in the game itself.

If you want to read discussions about it, look into the "Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles" Quest for Music Composer Research forum thread on Sonic Retro.
It also has a link to a wiki page that summarizes what is currently known.

We definitely don't want to have speculation in our packs.

Also, I moved the pack from "Problems and Suggestions" to "General VGM Discussion and Software" as the former is intended for forum/website stuff and not for VGM pack discussions.

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The only "real" (ie: coming from Brad Buxter himself who worked with MJ) thing we know about the involvement of MJ in the Sonic 3 soundtrack was as follow:

The "Brad Buxter team" (in which MJ was part) was given the task of composing some of the Sonic 3 tracks and BB did all of them.

One day, BB went to the studios and had the tapes with the Sonic 3 music skecthes with him and found MJ.

BB asked MJ if he was interested and he replied he wasn't interested in Sonic 3, but he was willing to give some of the tracks he made a listen to see if anything stroke his fancy.

One track really stuck with MJ which eventually became MJ's Stranger in Moscow.

Several years later people noticed the similarity between SiM and Sonic 3's Credits and thought that MJ was the one that did it.

It wasn't. It was BB's work which then MJ took to make his own track.

That's the only *real* evidence we have and, once, again, proves that MJ wasn't interested in making music for Sonic 3.

“With Stranger in Moscow… [Michael and I] were in Moscow performing… I knock on his door and I had under my arm a cassette player. I’d been doing all the SEGA Sonic the Hedgehog [Sonic 3] cues… the way Michael works, is that he tells SEGA that he’ll do it [the soundtrack], and then he says [to me], ‘Brad, you do it,’ right?”

“I think we did one cue [for Sonic 3] with Michael together – one. The rest I had to do it myself. So I had the cassette on me – I had 41 cues done – and I said ‘I’m sure you want to hear this Sonic the Hedgehog [music]’ and he said ‘No, just play something.'”

“I started playing the verse for Stranger in Moscow, and then I came up with the chorus on the spot,” he said. “Michael fell in love with it… and in an hour and a half Stranger in Moscow was [written]. [Michael] had nothing in mind for that – nothing.”
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